Sustainability & Environmental Policy


Sustainability and working towards a more sustainable future is at the heart of every thing we do at Whitfords. We care about our planet’s ecosystems and people’s livelihoods. The provenance of the products we consume and the ingredients and materials used to make them is not a minor detail to us.

Our choices and the ones of previous generations have taken us to a point where urgent and radical changes must be made to the way we live, to the way we consume and to the way we connect (or not) to our environment.

Our business is committed to reducing our environmental impact by minimizing waste, conserving resources, and preventing pollution.

Our products are 100% plastic-free. Our aluminium containers are reusable and endlessly recyclable and all our ingredients are Certified Zero Plastic Inside by the Plastic Soup Foundation, meaning no liquid plastics.

Unfortunately, petroleum-derived skincare ingredients are everywhere but petroleum is not renewable, therefore not sustainable. Our products are petroleum-free for sustainability reasons. Thousands of wonderful plant-derived cosmetic ingredients exist, and there is absolutely no good reason to incorporate petroleum into our skincare routines.

As a way to give back and help reduce the amount of carbon out there, we have partnered with Ecologi. For every order we get, we plant one tree with them.

Our London studio was designed and built in-house and all our products are made there: we don’t use external manufacturers. It’s an FSC-certified timber-frame unit complete with green roof to catch all rain water. The electricity used is 100% certified renewable, adding to the goal of conserving resources whenever possible.

Ongoing commitments:

We will seek to reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by using energy-efficient equipment, adopting renewable energy sources where possible, and implementing energy-saving measures.

We will seek to reduce our waste generation by minimizing the use of disposable products, promoting recycling, and implementing waste reduction measures.

We will prioritize the purchase of environmentally friendly and sustainable products and services, where possible, and engage with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability.

We will seek to minimize our carbon footprint from transportation by encouraging the use of public transportation, carpooling, and cycling, and by using low-emission vehicles where possible.

We will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and will strive to exceed legal requirements where possible.

We will regularly monitor and evaluate our sustainability performance, and seek to continually improve our sustainability practices.


This sustainability policy represents our commitment to promoting sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. We will regularly review and update this policy to ensure its continued effectiveness and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.