Commitment to sustainability

Sustainable skincare should be the norm, not the exception. At Whitfords, we care about our planet’s ecosystems and people’s livelihoods. The provenance of the products we consume and the ingredients and materials used to make them is not a minor detail to us. 

Our choices and the ones of previous generations have taken us to a point where urgent and radical changes must be made to the way we live, to the way we consume and to the way we connect (or not) to our environment.

Our vision of renewable skincare is similar to that of renewable energy: you must be able to harness the ingredients that power it over and again without fossil fuel usage.

Our London studio was designed and built in-house – with a green roof to catch all rain water! – and all our products are made there: we don’t use external manufacturers. The electricity used is 100% certified renewable, adding to the goal of conserving resources whenever possible.

Hopefully you will see below that we do more than pay lip service to this sadly rather worn expression: