Paula Ortega, Founder & Formulator

Shortly before I gave birth to my second daughter, I embarked upon studying cosmetic formulation; I had a desire to translate my problem-solving skills gained from previous disciplines and to immerse myself into an area where I saw a need for a fresh approach: by creating products that allowed people not to compromise on their values when it comes to their skin.

I have been responsible for every single aspect of creating the brand: from designing the website and packaging, to researching ingredients and formulating the products. We manufacture in-house and in small batches. In this way we ensure the honesty and transparency of materials and methods used at every step of the process, through to the complete elimination of plastic in packaging and the eye-catching branding and website design.

My desire to have complete control over processes has to do with gaining a deep understanding of the consequences of my daily actions running a business and their impact and to be able to choose how to better lead my life.

Now I want to share that knowledge with you – from the science behind the formulas to the story behind the ingredients we use – and to provide sustainable skincare products you’ll love and be proud to own.

Whitfords is the result of my passion to create a business model that is also an honest model for my daughters: to live and make a living in a more sustainable manner.


About Paula

Paula Ortega is an Anglo-Argentinean environmental artist and designer-maker. She received a BA in audio-visual communication before working for over 10 years as a web user interface designer and researcher. Once she relocated to London, she re-trained as a jewellery maker.

In 2011 she released her first jewellery collection based on 100% recycled silver and vegetable sponge (loofah). Later on, she developed her own bioplastic and created a series of wearable sculptures to raise the issue of the finite amount of petroleum, and therefore plastic, as an urgent reminder that time is running out to tackle the continually ignored causes of climate change. Her work has been exhibited internationally.

This multidisciplinary background has given Paula a unique perspective and she thrives on navigating the multiple bridges, overlaps and differences between these disciplines in order to capitalise on the many transferable skills she has gained over the years.

In 2017 Paula decided to bring the sustainability issue to a different and potentially wider audience. She studied cosmetic formulation and has created Whitfords, a plastic- and petroleum-free, vegan, botanical skincare brand.