Paula Ortega
Whitfords’ Founder

We are a small, independent skincare brand driven by efficacy and sustainability. We embrace a broad spectrum of nature’s finest ingredients, including plants, algae, and beneficial microorganisms.

Each ingredient is meticulously selected for its provenance, research-backed efficacy, and minimal impact on our planet and we’re committed to offering products that are entirely plastic and petroleum-free.

Our products are also gender-neutral, vegan-friendly and certified cruelty-free so you don’t have to compromise on your values when it comes to your skin.

About Paula

Paula Ortega is the driving force behind Whitfords.

Originally from Argentina, she has a broad, multidisciplinary background in IT, music and design. This has given her a unique perspective and she thrives on navigating the multiple bridges, overlaps and differences between these disciplines in order to capitalise on the many transferable skills she has gained over the years.

In 2015, as an environmental artist, she developed her own bioplastic and created a series of wearable sculptures to raise the issue of the finite amount of petroleum, and therefore plastic, as an urgent reminder that time is running out to tackle the continually ignored causes of climate change. Her work has been exhibited internationally.

In 2017 Paula decided to bring the sustainability issue to a wider audience. She studied cosmetic formulation and founded Whitfords, a plastic- and petroleum-free, vegan, botanical skincare brand.

Whitfords is the result of Paula’s passion to create a business model that is also an honest model for her daughters: to live and make a living in a more sustainable manner.