Wasabi Extract

Wasabi Extract

INCI: Lactobacillus/Wasabia Japonica (Wasabi) Root Ferment Extract

At Whitfords, we don’t use petroleum-derived preservatives for sustainability reasons and instead, we choose to work with weak salts and acids. Some people might call these “natural preservation systems”. ⁠

Working with these milder preservatives requires extra help so we often pair them with ingredients that have a dual purpose – sometimes called “boosters”. For example, a certain ingredient can have moisturising properties and at the same time help preserve the final product. Wasabi extract is a great example of a booster. ⁠

It’s produced by macerating and fermenting the roots of the indigenous Japanese plant Wasabia japonica with Lactobacillus. It’s a powerful antioxidant for the skin – it protects DNA against damage caused by free radicals while promoting the activity of other antioxidants – and it also shows significant antimicrobial activity at very low concentrations in the formula – so we don’t need add loads to benefit from its properties. ⁠

And don’t worry, the extract doesn’t smell! ⁠

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