INCI: Galactoarabinan

Galactoarabinan is a naturally occurring polysaccharide polymer from the larch tree – a conifer in the genus Larix – sustainably harvested in North America, minimising the impact on the environment and preserving the tree population. ⁠

It is extracted using water as a solvent, leaving no residual solvents in the finished product. Independent clinical testing has shown that it aids moisture retention, promotes exfoliation on skin without irritation and can improve the appearance of superficial fine lines in skin.⁠

You can find it in our Hemp & Algae Face Cream, our Fruits & Seeds Eye Cream and in our Arnica & Cupuacu Body Moisturiser.⁠

Tags: aids moisture retention / natural polysaccharide polymer / no irritation / promotes exfoliation