Ectoin Natural

Ectoin Natural

INCI: Ectoin

A natural, very powerful stress-protection molecule, called an “extremolyte”. It is the biological self-defence mechanism of extremophilic micro-organisms, and lives in inhospitable environments such as salt lakes, deserts, arctic ice, the deep sea or hot springs. It was discovered by chance in 1985 in a salt lake in the Egyptian desert.⁠

In skincare, it shields the outer layer of the skin from allergens, air pollution, dryness and UV light with outstanding efficacy proven in numerous in-vivo, in-vitro studies and clinical trials.⁠

The version of Ectoin we’ll use is made by a fermentation process using a bacteria found in nature, the Halomonas Elongata. ⁠

Tags: extremolyte / fermentation process / protects from allergens / protects from pollution / protects from UV light / stress-protection molecule